I look forward to working with you to create something magical, professional, and memorable.  Here are some particulars for keeping your shoot professional, and answering a few frequently asked questions.

To book a session, please note:

  • Sessions must be booked at least one week in advance.
  • Deposit is required to secure a date.
  • Full balance due on day of session.
  • Cancelation fee’s apply, see contract for destails.
  • Basic editing includes color corrections and minor edits.  Retouching, significant editing (example: wrinkles, ‘lipo’, feature changes, etc) are extra and will be added on.  Post-production is billed by the hour or part thereofv.
  • Signed model release is mandatory.
  • Rates are subject to change.
  • Will travel.  Passport ready.  Basic rates do not reflect travel.  Additional fees will be assessed for sessions outside of studio.
  • If you have a group, please contact for a custom quote.
  • For custom and group quotes, full disclosure and usage is needed: how many, what, when, where, usage. Commercial or personal use must be specified.
  • Cash, money order, or credit are acceptable forms of payment.  If paying by check, please submit 5 days prior to session.



Q:  Are you available for free work?

A:  I am a creative and artist first, and have a passion for photography.  However this is a part of what I do for a living and how I support my family.  Please be professional.

Q:  Are you available test work aka TFP/TFCD, collaborations, or trade?

A:  On an extremely selective basis, please feel free to send an email.  I LOVE COLLABORTIONS!  If you’re a photographer, artist, makeup artist, stylist, magazine, or creative model- please contact with proposal.

Q:  Are you available for work with no- profits and charitable organizations?

A:  Yes, I love giving back.  I am interested in helping grass roots initiatives and selected non-profits.  If you are a legitimate organization, and when calendar permits, I am willing to work at a discounted rate and for in kind contributions.


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